Why Website Optimization is Important For Your Traffic

Web & Mobile Optimization

There are various ways to optimize your web and make it user-friendly. However, a developer or business owner needs to know the importance of optimizing your website. Some of the reasons that make this a must do activity in business are because:


Mobile is here to stay

Everyone is on mobile we are living in a world where everybody uses their cell phones. A study shows that 94% of people with smartphones search for local content in their phones in the US. The interesting part is 77% of these searches are done at home or work where they have access to a computer. This shows you just how massively the mobile department has taken over. Mobile is essential for one’s business whether you are blogging, or selling products or working on the website of your workplace ensure that visitors can have an incredible experience when they are visiting from their mobile device.

Over half of web traffic is mobile

As of May 2014, mobile media consumption was 21% higher than that of desktop and accounted for about 51% of all media consumption showing that half of all web traffic is via mobile. If you are thus interested in creating traffic for your website being mobile friendly is the way to go.

Mobile users buy more

Mobile users make frequent small purchases over their phones. Because they spend a lot of their time browsing from their phones, they are likely to get products and services that capture their attention where they can buy. It is thus essential to tap into this market.

Social Media referrals are on mobile

As social media continue to grow and expand it is finding its hub on cell phones because 91% of mobile internet access used for social activities. If your business Is involved in any social media marketing, Then it will be good to generate incoming traffic through your phones.

Google favors mobile responsiveness, and the mobile friendliness is ranked high in their SERP. Mobile responsiveness is crucial for pleasing and acquiring organic traffic. With its latest algorithm update, it has placed significant penalties for websites which fail to meet the standards of mobile friendliness.

Page speed refers to a measurement of how fast content on page loads. A page speed can be described in either the time it takes to display the content fully on a particular page or how long it takes for a browser to get the first byte of detail from the web server. Faster page speed is better and ranks higher. Google uses page speed as signals that are used by its algorithm to rank pages. Research shows that Google measures time to first byte when it considers page speed. Google thus offers solutions on how to increase your page speed to ensure your clients get the best services when visiting your site.

Google has set rules to make sure that you make your site mobile friendly ensuring that the users get the best experience when browsing. Measures have been put in place to measure what is mobile friendly and what is not. From this bar, a website can see whether they meet the qualification of their site being mobile friendly or not. A mobile friendly application will not affect the traffic in your desktop but rather increase it. You can check if your site is mobile friendly by the use of the mobile friendly tools that show how Google search sees your page. One can thus make their site friendly by using the guide to mobile friendly locations. Adhering to these rules makes it easy for one to offer quality services while also experience the best there is in web and mobile optimization. To get your mobile website optimizied visit http://crissienonline.com/jacksonville-seo/